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Content Marketing ROI in a TMI World. Here’s How.

July 22, 2019

Our new Red Paper, the first in a Finn series, addresses the challenge of Content Marketing return on investment in a world with too much information.  Here’s the abstract: To download the full Red Paper, click here.


Much of the content we all receive is less valuable or engaging than it needs to be to make a difference in generating the results we seek. Don’t blame us for this less than rosy indictment of the efforts of your peers. It’s their voice and hard work speaking, after all. 91% say they use it, according to Content Marketing Institute, 24% think it is very or extremely successful. The question isn’t whether to use it, it’s how to be better at it. 

It’s not news to you we live in an over-communicated society. Bruce Springsteen’s 1992 soulful lament “57 Channels, Ain’t Nothing On” seems quaint in our multi-media, always-on world of communications. Springsteen’s target was cable TV, but for today’s content marketers, the choice of outlets seems infinite. Add digital and social marketing channels and the “57” multiplies exponentially. What seemed like a great opportunity for marketers 10 years ago is only delivering ROI headaches today. One sage observer of the cluttered communication landscape called all these “weapons of mass distraction.” Almost without realizing it, marketers have become part of the problem, turning up every dial on the content mixer. Sound and fury creating noise. If you pick apart the data and the process, you can see the volume effectiveness inversion is caused by: 

Uniformed Strategy 

Inundated Distribution Channels 

Inadequate Measurement 

Uninspired Content 

We also know how to fix it and that’s what this Finn Red Paper is about. But, first, you’ll have to get off that treadmill. One of our favorite sayings that guide all our thinking is, “No matter how far you go down the wrong road, turn back!”. 

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Joe Walsh