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April 15, 2022

After trying to watch Get Back (the Beatles Documentary) with my wife several months ago, she told me it was boring to watch four guys write songs for eight hours. So I put Get Back on the back-burner and opted for shows like Billions, Emily from Paris and Dexter.

But, this weekend, I finally had the opportunity to watch it. And, it turned out to be one of the most awe-inspiring and goose-bump-creating series I’ve ever seen. Where else can you witness one of the most influential bands of all time literally craft some of the greatest songs ever written and perform them for the first time? Nowhere.

Of course, watching John, Paul, George and Ringo interact with one another – along with the many others involved in the sessions – added an entirely other dimension of entertainment. (Billy Preston is clearly the 5th Beatle. Yoko Ono?)

Through all of it, I couldn’t help but uncover lessons in effective team dynamics, collaboration and the overall creative process. So, in Beatles fashion, here are a few of my takeaways:

  1. A little help from my friends. Producing greatness is rarely done alone. Sometimes, it can be difficult to ask for help, accept help or give help. But, without doing so, you don’t have teamwork. The Beatles nailed this one.
  2. It’s been a hard day’s night. The Beatles made writing and performing music look easy, but this documentary goes to show the level of effort that goes into both. Never underestimate the amount of work it takes to make things look easy.
  3. Let it be. At a certain point, you need to say “pencils down.” Or, as the Beatles say, “Let it be.” Perhaps that’s part of the magic of how the Beatles released more than 200 songs in just 8 years. Wow!
  4. We can work it out. Although they did eventually part ways, the Beatles were able to work out many harsh disagreements with one another. It requires openness, honesty and a commitment to a shared goal. Watching this in action was entertaining and educational.
  5. I’ve got a feeling. The Beatles had great instincts with songwriting, performance, style and more. If you have a good feeling about something, go with it.

If you have yet to watch the documentary, I recommend taking the time to do so. It provides a unique, inspiring and authentic glimpse into the creative process like nothing else that exists. (I loved “Mad Men,” but that can’t even be compared.) And, the music isn’t all that bad either.

Article originally published on on April 4, 2022. 

POSTED BY: Jeff Freedman

Jeff Freedman