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A new website performs better.

August 6, 2019

Go to the majority of corporate law firm sites and you see a collection of things the firm has published, news it has made, or practices the firm wishes to promote.  While these firm-centered things are important to marketing, most firm marketers don’t try to articulate why they are different. Enter Horwood Marcus & Berk at

Yes, HMB has deep experience in practices and industries surrounding Greater Chicago.  And yes, they also publish articles and alerts.  However, the firm chose to first make the case for why they believe the experience of working with HMB Law is better.  This is summed up in the thematic positioning line “better experience delivered.”

Here is how they explain the promise:

“Better experience delivered is two sides of one simple promise. When you work with HMB, you leverage the experience of lawyers who work at the top of their profession. Additionally, a better client service experience is what we work to deliver in every matter, every relationship and all that we do.”  

In short, how we do things is as important as what we do it.

 Feature of the new website and rebrand, include:

  1. A new monogram (logo) that puts the emphasis on HMB (the firm’s street name).
  2. A bold color palette dominated by the black, green and blues in the new logo.
  3. A creative piece of navigation that doubles as a tag line for the firm.
  4. Attention-earning home page images that rotate to invite people into the site and further explain the firm’s promise—Maneuver Better, Serve Better, Perform Better, etc.  In a way, the home page images are ads for the firm (and, in fact, double as firm ads).
  5. Practice area and careers pages that build on the theme.  Examples: Tax Practice, Better Preparation; Cannabis Law, Better Growth; Careers, Driven to Be Better.
  6. Concise, client-focused copy sitewide that focuses more on benefits than features.
  7. New attorney bio photos and pages that perform like microsites for each lawyer.  This is important as analytics show that many enter the site via searches for individual lawyers.

All in all, we feel the new website is much better than the old.  We hope you’ll agree.


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POSTED BY: Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh