OUR WORK wentworth institute of technology

An education designed for the future, but what about its brand?

Wentworth Institute of Technology (WIT), founded over 100 years ago, prepares students to excel in the current and constantly evolving technology and engineering industry with its hands-on learning approach. But while the university focused on the future, its brand image was stuck in the past.

In an increasingly competitive higher education market, we redefined WIT as the University of Now. As we brought the brand up to speed with the 21st century and beyond, we developed an omnichannel engagement strategy to reach students and parents at multiple touch points throughout their college search journey.


Increase awareness, pride, and interest in the school.




site traffic with a tight budget allocation


sessions to landing page


“apply now” clicks

The Work

Digital: Utilizing the highly targeting capabilities of Meta’s Facebook and Instagram as well as Meta’s Advantage+ shopping campaigns, we promoted products around key gift-buying and party planning holidays (e.g., Memorial Day, Mother’s/Father’s Day, 4th of July).

Branding: We brought the new Caskata to life with more modern fonts and graphics that reflected the elegance of the products. We captured the brand essence throughout a brand book we created to ensure the new look and voice would be consistently portrayed.

Experience: We ensured the brand touched all aspects of the customer experience with packaging containing personal feeling notes and digital checkout and thank you messaging.