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How can humanizing an engagement strategy make compliance personal and appreciated?

Johnson & Johnson, one of the world’s largest global healthcare companies, knew well that the always-on/always-faster demands of the healthcare industry could easily lead to worker “safety blindness.”

We had the insight that, rather than prioritizing pushed messages of “compliance,” a true safety culture focuses on celebrating each worker’s own personal power and health in a way that makes safety truly personal to them. Becoming naturally safety-minded shouldn’t be seen as a management-mandated task, but as a self-assessment with large, relevant life benefits.


Get workers to take safety seriously.



The Work

We built a campaign focusing on the most important tools they used every day to interact with their environment: their own hands and awareness of their surroundings. The power of this approach, paired with relatable messaging coming in unexpected ways, helped spark conversations and behaviors that have lasted far beyond the rollout.

The campaign achieved rapid acceptance among teams, exceeding benchmark goals, and has now expanded globally with campaign elements translated into 16 languages.