OUR WORK fortune 10 internet services company

How world-building helped manage change, address fears and bring a new era of productivity to life.

A time of change, managed well, can be a company’s most powerful moment — one to be embraced, not dreaded. We understood that the launch of our client’s new project management software, a fundamental change to the way its employees would work, carried a huge risk of disruption. But we saw it also held the potential to be seen not as a mandate from on high, but as a collaborative, shared experience that, was a new, more solid foundation.


Convince a skeptical workforce it really is going to be better this time.



The Work

We knew success in any launch campaign would rely first on listening closely, being inclusive from the start and meeting employees on their terms with messages they can relate to and tools they use right away.

We used vital insights gleaned from a wide range of internal interviews and collaborations to transform the launch into something closer to a journey to a new world, using the energizing approach of empowering each worker as a brave interplanetary explorer of this new world that held so many new resources and possibilities.

Engagement results that in some areas tripled our benchmark goals and gave global teams and their managers the inspiration and information they needed to soar past the typical pushback and into healthy conversations and collaborations that continue to this day.