Virginia M. Sheridan

Managing Partner

Professional Experience

A degree in Marketing Communications led me to working in PR since it welcomed creative thinking and strategy to help businesses achieve their goals. I’m a fixer and like to move quickly to solve problems and good PR generates both quick, and long-lasting solutions. PR is harder today with more audiences to influence – but now there is multi-channel access to customers. We can still influence the media to influence our targets or go direct on digital platforms. I’ve been fortunate to be promoting travel and tourism clients for a couple of decades with some amazing brands.

The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.

- Dorothy Parker

How'd you get here?

After successfully running an independent PR agency specializing in travel and tourism, Peter Finn approached us to join Finn Partners. A merger wasn’t top of mind, but after meeting Peter and his senior leadership we were excited by their agency vision. We were looking for national and international resources, the opportunity to work with smart people and have access to integrated services for our current and future clients. Finn’s digital department and social media capabilities played a major factor in our decision – along with the human brand culture of the agency.

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