Nicole Grubner


Professional Experience

Innovation is core to Israel – it’s part of the national business fabric. With today’s urgent climate challenges ahead of us, it’s no surprise that Israeli entrepreneurs and researchers turned their attention to solutions that help the planet mitigate climate change risks. Interest in health, evolved into a concern for public health and that led to my evolving into the role as the Israel office’s Environmental Innovation Group lead, tapping into the agency’s Global Purpose and Social Impact Practice. My role is to bring groundbreaking technologies from one of the world’s great innovation hubs to the globe and ensure the voices and value of Israeli environmental innovators are recognized by investors, business partners and policy allies.

Among the high points is my role as a champion of the communications campaign for UBQ Materials. This company converts household waste into an advanced material to replace plastic, driving the global transition to a sustainable circular economy.  I also supported AORA Solar modular renewable solar energy solutions for rural African communities as part of the worldwide effort to bring energy sources to developing nations. People and planet can find symbiosis, and innovation is the path to get there.

There is work still to be done, the journey is not yet complete, and it depends on us: we who now all too briefly stride upon the stage of time.

- Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, To Heal A Fractured World

How'd you get here?

I began my career as an elementary school teacher. After several years teaching, I decided it was time to fulfill my dream of establishing my life and career in Israel. I knew that my strength professionally lay in communications. I also understood that education and communications are, in many ways, both about crafting messages that need to be heard by audiences to drive awareness, understanding and action.

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