Michael Heinley

Senior Partner

Professional Experience

During my 25-year career, I’m proud to have served as a steward for the reputation of some of the worlds most respected and iconic healthcare companies, including Johnson & Johnson, Merck and WebMD.  I’ve led award-winning programs spanning biopharma, medical devices, diagnostics, healthtech and advocacy.  From working with CEOs and C-suite executives on thought leadership platforms, to launching global blockbuster brands, to helping Fortune 50 companies and startups alike navigate complex issues, I have dedicated my career to healthcare communications because of the important role we play in transforming lives through our work.  I’m also passionate about staff development and nurturing future communication professionals as champion of FINN’S Health Academy, the Practice’s global, professional development program.  I’m a frequent editorial contributor and speaker on issues affecting the health industry, such as pricing, reputation, issues management, marketing and the transforming digital health environment.  I serve on the Board of Directors of Donate Life New York State.

The future is unwritten.

- Joe Strummer

How'd you get here?

When I entered Temple University, I tried out for the crew team having never rowed before in my life.  Against all odds, I endured the mental and physical challenge of a being a student athlete on a Division 1 college sports team, and earned my seat in the boat.  I have drawn on that experience often throughout my personal and professional life: to find strength when taking on new challenges; building teams that share common values and goals; learning and growing from setbacks and successes; and taking appropriate risks by working outside of my comfort zone. That has translated to leading high-performing teams rooted in a common purpose and goal.

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