Elliott King

Managing Partner

Professional Experience

In the early days of MintTwist, I played a hands-on role in operations and delivery and as such, have become a well-rounded professional with direct practical knowledge of all of the main Digital Marketing disciplines. For the last 10-years, I have focussed my efforts on working with our senior management teams to scale the business through strategy planning, operational management, business development and client account strategy. Today, within Finn Partners, my main focus is to draw down on all of my professional experiences in order to act as a value-adding strategic advisor to clients and prospects.

The World is Your Oyster.

- My Dad and William Shakespeare

How'd you get here?

I started programming computers in the 1980’s – I was genuinely 8 years old. After graduating as a Computer Engineer I spent the first 12-years of my career working as a Programmer and IT consultant for international brands and organisations across Europe and in Silicon Valley, USA during 1999 – 2001. During this period I was a first-hand witness to the dot com boom and bust, the birth of Google, Amazon, Facebook, and along with them, the birth of ‘Digital Marketing’. Since returning to the UK 14 years ago, I have co-founded and developed the pan-European, full-service Digital Marketing agency, MintTwist, alongside my best friend from school. In 2021 we were delighted to join up with Finn Partners and since doing so, I have taken up a role as a Managing Partner within the European business.

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