Diana Scott

Senior Partner

Professional Experience

I am an expert corporate and product communications strategist with more than 20 years working in the health space. A seasoned team leader skilled in coordinating across disciplines, I dig deep into my client’s business, understand their needs and the needs of the patient’s they serve to ensure their communications have impact. A strategic partner, I listen to the spoken and unspoken words of my clients and patient communities to create a dialogue that results in programing that benefits all parties.

I have extensive experience leading scientific and consumer communications programming in the U.S. and globally, data/regulatory milestones, issues management, disease awareness campaigns and franchise portfolio communications. Clients include large pharma companies, biotechs, and diagnostics companies of various market cap. I’ve built communications programs for pipelines/pipeline drugs, communicated all phases of data and data publications, managed Advisory Committee meetings, global regulatory decisions and launched new treatments in rare diseases, block busters and crowded disease states.

The problem with communications…is the illusion that it has been accomplished.

- George Bernard Shaw

How'd you get here?

My stint in public relations was meant to be a temporary stop. Looking for work while I took a break from school before continuing my desired path in psychiatry, I took a job at an agency in New York City where I worked in their sports division. The work was fascinating and everyday was something different, keeping me intrigued. My boss saw the potential in me and moved me to the charity projects for major NY sports teams and from that point communications was infused into my DNA. Moving into a full health role, communicating about data, creating consumer programs, and launching new therapies became my passion. Every day the work I do makes a difference in people’s lives – a great responsibility and a wonderful privilege that I never take for granted.

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