Dan Pender

Managing Partner

Professional Experience

My career has centred on the interwoven worlds of business and politics. I’ve worked alongside chief executives, Prime Ministers, and everything in between, experiencing the highs and lows that come with both advising the decision-maker and being one.

It’s an experience that led to me founding 360 in 2011. In the decade since, I’ve cultivated a team of professionals who share our vision, ethos, and passion for redefining and reshaping PR. Our growth over the past decade, commercially and as a team, has been achieved in close partnership with some of Ireland and Europe’s leading CEOs and senior executives, building their organisations’ communications cultures and equipping them with the tools to succeed in fast-changing political, commercial, and social landscapes.

Forward, not back.

- Tony Blair, UK Prime Minister, 1997—2007

How'd you get here?

My formative experiences, growing-up in an entrepreneurial and political household, and cutting my PR teeth in a successful start-up, are central to my pathway. In my mid-twenties, I worked at a senior level in politics, advising on winning campaigns and surviving (just!) the pressure cooker of government. I always knew I’d return to agency and a hankering to establish a business, to see if I could succeed in developing something of value, proved irresistible. Now, as part of FINN Partners, I’m excited about the opportunities, learnings, and experiences that await from working alongside Peter and the global FINN network.