Betsy Henning

Managing Partner

Professional Experience

A marketer at heart, I believe in the power of stories to shift perspectives, transform thinking and change lives. From my first set of jobs in my 20s to founding AHA in 1994, I’ve spent my career helping clients connect more deeply with customers, partners, and a group I’m particularly passionate about, employees. Along with driving great brand marketing, I’ve also led global clients in sustainability and corporate responsibility communications for more than 25 years across industries as diverse as toys and entertainment, healthcare, technology, financial services and luxury goods.

I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones

— John Cage

How'd you get here?

I’m happiest in a roomful of smart people with a hairy problem to solve. I love what-ifs, sticky notes and Sharpies. I revel in the moment that occurs just as all seems lost when things start falling into place. In my younger days, that might have been a theater production that went from script to stage in six weeks. Then came my career, working with clients who had impossible asks and terrifying timelines. A business strategy upended by a disruptive startup. A brand driven to embed ESG in everything they do. An employer that’s lost its internal mojo. I’m compelled by the satisfaction of helping my clients build toward a more just and sustainable future. In my community, I delight in having served on boards of more than a dozen arts, educational, environmental, and economic development organizations.

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