HGS Digital, Work Overview


The Goal

The Goal

HGS Digital - The Goal
  • HGS Digital was a new and unknown brand

    They were trying to compete with Deloitte and Accenture for market share and needed to align their solutions around their customer needs and identify HGS Digital's ideal entry point in the marketplace.
  • Define Digital Transformation

    Research showed that potential HGS customers and decision-makers across the C-suite all had a different definition of digital transformation, and this served as an impediment to the search for a strategic agency partner.

The Strategy

The Strategy

HGS Digital - The Plan
  • define itself

    HGS Digital should align around the concept of helping their clients create a better customer experience (CX) and could define their position as a transformer of customer experiences.
  • Discover Entry Point

    Our market research identified a clear approach that their competition had not yet reached: custom strategy and solutions for industry verticals at the top and middle of the marketing funnel.
  • Build Brand Awareness

    We created and deployed the Better CX Sells campaign. This was an opportunity to build brand awareness for HGS Digital, as well as a targeted and custom paid media plan targeting specific industry verticals.

The Execution

The Execution

HGS Digital - The Execution

  • CREATIVE Development

  • Media Outreach & thought leadership


  • Paid Social


The Results

The Results

15.7M impressions

were generated in January of 2020.

~60K website clicks

driven by our paid media campaign.

Efforts are now focused on enhancing lead generation across key performance groups.

HGS Digital - The Results
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