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The Goal

BSI - The Goal
  • Showcase Services Offered
    BSI has traditionally presented its capabilities on and offline as a series of ISO standards. ISO 45001 or ISO 27001, ISO this and ISO that.

    ONE BSI includes everything from consulting, to training, to standards certification, product certification and much more.

    In the U.S., we have been tasked with telling the story and promoting it all.

The Plan

BSI - The Plan
  • Introduce a human face to all communications
    particularly online advertising, landing pages, brochures and events.
  • develop a marketing strategy
    that is designed to begin a conversation with new audiences showcasing how a portfolio of solutions could help their companies perform better today and continue well into the future.

The Execution

BSI - The Execution
  • Brand Style & Infographics
  • Landing Pages & Thought Leadership Content
  • Media Outreach
  • Digital Campaigns & Social Media Content
  • Events
  • Strategic Planning

The Results

Developed Campaign Strategy

Unified all U.S. product offerings under the umbrella of ONE BSI.

Launched marketing campaigns targeting key sectors across the entire value chain of the standards and services provided by BSI.

Winner of a 2019 Gold MarCom award for Integrated Marketing.

Deployed Marketing Framework

Efficiently delivered new impressions in a cost-effective strategy.

Expanded BSI’s channel mix.

Established a baseline understanding of how new marketing strategies would perform against their new targeting and marketing objectives.

Drove Business Results

Drove new leads.

Successfully engaged C-Suite targets and elevated their awareness of BSI.

BSI - The Results

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