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June 8, 2017

If video killed the radio star, online video will eventually beat down the slumbering mix of text and photos on most modern professional services firm websites. Thank goodness.

The wide majority of professional services firm videos we’ve looked at are uncannily similar. They are long, winding video narratives with firm talking heads discussing early responsibility, collaborative environments, challenging work and “people making the difference.” In other words, most professional services videos look and sound oddly similar, like the interchangeable firm brochures of yore. That is, firms are investing in the same difference, or lack thereof.

So beyond adopting the new media on our sites, how can we use it to make our firms unique?

Join Burkey Belser for this show and tell presentation that will discuss how video can provide your firm with a better medium for building relationships with your clients and prospects as well as present real-life case studies on how video has helped firms go beyond the talking head. In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How to unearth a driving concept and a unique creative idea
  • How to be authentic, but in a very practiced way
  • The importance of seeking talented professionals who know video, people and good creative
  • Why brevity is a common courtesy
  • Ideas for using video beyond your firm's recruiting page.

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