What’s it like to attend NYFW?

December 13, 2017

What’s it like to attend NYFW? Take the fast pace of people walking on the streets of New York City and multiply it by 50... Welcome to New York Fashion Week.

The city that literally never sleeps is up 24/7 attending runway shows, presentations, after-parties, connecting with new, emerging brands and sipping cocktails hoping to run into your favorite celebrity. What people do not realize is the amount of effort, time and energy that goes into planning one of these events. We had the excitement to check out a few shows this past season and here is what we learned and experienced:

Dress Code: Your Style
Your style goes. It does not matter if you wear cheetah with stripes, anything is acceptable and deemed “fashionable”during New York Fashion Week. Seeing what fashion editors are wearing is exciting, because then you know what will be hot in the coming months, and what they will be looking for when pulling items for upcoming photoshoots.

That Hashtag is Being Tracked, Even If You Are A Nobody
Personally, I always post on social no matter where I am. As much as I would like to believe I am an influencer, I am not. However my followers truly love seeing what my everyday life consists of, and my life of being a publicist. But during NYFW, it is even more important to count every impression, every engagement and every social post shared to showcase the amount of people the brand reached and to show that it was truly worth the investment.

Social also plays a daring role in NYFW because influencers, celebrities, tastemakers and industry professionals share their thoughts on the shows and parties. But what if your runway show or party sucked? #CrisisControl. This is something that needs to be consistently monitored throughout the event to be sure everyone is having the time of their life, but more significantly, so everyone remembers the brand whose hosting in a positive light.

Shame or Fame
Everyone gets star struck with their favorite celebrity. At these parties, yes, there is a VIP room but really everyone is out and about enjoying the party. Try and keep calm if you and your favorite celebrity, cough Drake cough, take an hors d'oeuvre off the same plate at the same time.As Fashion Week approaches in the next few weeks, enjoy every moment and soak up what is around you. It is the most thriving time of the year in the industry.

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Jamie Blair Warner

Jamie Blair Warner


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