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May 11, 2016

Six common objectives and 50+ real goals to help you make the case for your new website.

Before you secure authorization for your new website, you will be asked, “Why?" and "Why now?” It is our belief that a website should never simply be redesigned or redeveloped unless your goal is to realign…something. Something that is amiss. Conversations we have with our clients and prospects on the topic, as well as a collection of common RFP questions received, have led to this checklist. We hope you find it useful in seeking approval or consensus for your new site design and development.

Position Our Firm Accurately:

We want all of our target audiences (clients, prospects, laterals, recruits, media, friends and family) to align their understanding with the current...

  • breadth and depth of our organization and its offerings
  • value and difference we bring to their lives or businesses
  • reach and influence of our services (local, regional, national, international)
  • size of our organization and its composition
  • opportunities the organization provides to build and grow a career
  • areas of strategic focus for our organization (mapping to a new or old strategic plan)

Look the Part of a Leader:

We want our new site to help us...

  • highlight what we do best and align with our strategic plan
  • control the market perception of our organization rather than let it define us (positioning)
  • erase or change an image in the marketplace (repositioning)
  • eliminate confusion or lack of awareness about our services
  • show how much we have changed
  • expand narrow impressions to something broader
  • erase or change an image caused by our existing site (e.g., the “unwelcome welcome mat” or “see us as cool, hip, modern”)
  • catch up with the websites of our competitors
  • get ahead of the websites of our competitors
  • create a consistent brand image in the marketplace (on and offline)
  • establish an organization-wide look, feel and voice that can be identified across platforms and materials

Create Engaging Content:

We want to rethink and improve our approach to content by...

  • improving the key practice and industry areas of our site
  • making the content more about the client or member than about us
  • growing beyond a rolodex, a lookup site for directions and contact information
  • reducing the arm’s length distance between buyer and seller
  • becoming a recognized source of thought leadership
  • creating signature thought leadership programs
  • distributing our content through social media
  • moving from all verbal to a mix of verbal and visual content
  • creating an imagery strategy of our own that relies less on stock imagery our competitors use
  • introducing compelling and informative video to our site
  • creating stronger, consistent biography content and new bio photos
  • creating or integrating blogs, podcasts and microsites

Enable Our Business Development Efforts:

We want to support our growth objectives by...

  • improving our name recognition with strategic targets
  • giving better air cover to our salespeople on the ground
  • improving and integrating pitch and proposal materials with our web content
  • improving analytics to mine opportunities
  • getting found with stronger, better optimized SEO
  • tracking the journey from visit to client/member
  • capturing and sharing leads with gated content and other tools
  • increasing web traffic
  • increasing web stickiness/dwell time
  • increasing leads
  • supporting our major account teams
  • increasing sales or donations or members
  • improving recruiting for laterals, staff and other professionals

Make Our Technology Smarter/Easier to Use

Our new web and marketing technology should...

  • simplify the process of executing site updates
  • gain almost total control over publishing
  • add new pages or other significant features to the site
  • integrate with our legacy databases
  • integrate all of our marketing and marketing automation technologies
  • deliver a consistent experience across devices/make the site responsive
  • add or integrate member or client portals/extranets
  • have an intranet that is consistent with the look and feel of the website
  • allow for efficient integration of electronic alerts, newsletters, podcasts, blogs/vlogs, streaming video, microsites and other electronic communications
  • address site compatibility issues

Make Our Own People Prouder of Our Organization

Our new website and approach to content should...

  • inspire our employees with pride in their organization
  • improve morale
  • clarify why employees should care
  • teach employees how to become apostles, to make a case on our behalf
  • generate more traffic from our own people because it is a vital resource

Help us add to this list. We will publish your additions with your name beside them. It takes a village.

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