Is the Influencer Beauty Space Over Saturated or Just Enough?

January 6, 2018

With the use of influencers in today’s society, you can look up anything in the beauty industry
-how to curl your hair, contour your cheeks or see the newest products from your favorite beauty lines.According to Inkwood Research, “the global beauty market is predicted to grow from $432.7 billion in 2016 to $750 billion by 2024.” So why are consumers are obsessed? Here is why:

Millions of People Rely on Beauty Tutorials on YouTube
You have to find your favorite YouTuber, one you can relate to, or the one you aspire to be like. The influencer industry is filled with buckets that make each influencer unique. Whether it is someone specializing in eyes or skincare, travel or music, or different ethnicities, there is an influencer out there for every interest. YouTube truly is a great resource when you are unsure and need that step by step instructions.

Above all years, 2018 is the year of being inclusive.Teen Vogue shed light on why consumers are obsessed and what they are looking for in 2018. The article stated, “we demanded more inclusivity, more streamlined routines, and more of a focus on beauty as self-care, paving the way for what's to come in 2018.” Along with the support of #MeToo by many beauty brands, cosmetic companies and retailers are making a major effort to ensure their lines have colors for everyone. The most accepting industry by far is beauty, which started trending with well-known male influencers, Patrick Starr, Manny MUA Gutierrez and James Charles.

Thanks to all the fun colors, you can share your personality, passions and feelings through your favorite looks and shades. Thanks to influencers, the most on-trend thing to do is send large amounts of samples in beautiful packaging for them to post on social, showcasing new launches, collaborations and partnerships. Beauty is giving the power to spark self confidence in our society.

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