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January 5, 2019

In 2018, more than 182,000 people descended on Las Vegas to find out what was trendy and trending in the world of technology.

Despite the tremendous social media conversation around smartphones, gaming, and home automation; large, eye-popping televisions still generated a significant amount of online attention. In fact, Samsung, LG and Sony were all among the top 8 brands receiving significant attention during and after the 2018 event. Undoubtedly this is in large part owing to an ever-expansive suite of technology offerings and expansion into gaming and smart home technologies, but it helps demonstrate that at the 2018 show, an attention grabbing product still generated a lot of buzz.

Despite the traditional technology power players such as Intel, Google, Logitech, Amazon and Samsung generating significant buzz; 2018 also saw breakthrough from Ford and Toyota into the 10 most mentioned brands. This is a trend that will be interesting to track into the 2019 show, as more non-traditional technology companies find themselves at the heart of groundbreaking technology advancements.

And, in 2018, despite the appearance of celebrities from Usain Bolt to Norman Reedus, our consumer respondents weren’t very interested, preferring to hear and see hands-on the new products and prototypes that they would be able to get their hands on. And that despite that over half of them indicated they would not be purchasing any new technology in 2018!

As we head into CES 2019, we will be tracking and analyzing a lot of these trends. Will the buzz generated by brands translate into purchase intent? Will new players continue to enter the conversation for their role at the intersection of intersecting areas of technology? Will Google’s massive presence move them up to the top of the 2019 buzz?

Barry and I will be providing insights and analysis from on-the-ground all week, tracking the standout conversations and brands, and digging deeper into how what is said about CES is created at CES. Please follow along and let us know what you think.

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