June 24, 2018

Widely anticipated for many years, 5G is now imminent, with some regions likely to see innovative consumer devices in the next year or so1 and wider availability of services towards 2020 as networks are upgraded2. This blog, the first in a series that takes a look at what we can expect from 5G, considers the potential the technology has to transform the way we live our lives.

A new era

The speed and capacity of 4G has supported the growing functionality of our smart devices for some time now. It has given us the convenience and versatility of taking the online experience with us on the move. It has supported more information sharing than ever before, the expansion of social media platforms and a range of increasingly diverse applications.

Against this, what might 5G mean? Inevitably, faster speed - more immediate webpage loading, streaming video on the go and such; we might become accustomed to downloading a high-definition film in under a second, latency of about the time it takes for a camera flash to finish, virtual reality experiences without the time lag and – hold onto your hats – driverless pizza deliveries.

It’s inevitable that the consumer experience stands to benefit considerably from the possibilities that 5G offers, but the new technology also promises more. The 5G story is likely to be one written by the technology companies that take advantage of faster speeds and lower latency to deliver innovations that could transform how we live and work. Interestingly, many of these innovations may not even have been thought of yet.

Connected… everything?

5G promises an age of hyper-connectivity; one where information is truly at our fingertips - think the connected home, connected cars, smart manufacturing, driverless deliveries and real-time health data.

It stands to elevate wireless connectivity beyond the Internet of Things and into the sphere of connected everything, transforming the way we live our lives. Expect innovations in areas such as health management, transport, smart cities and finance.

For this reason, a look into what 5G-enabled innovations might bring to these four areas will be the topic of our next blog, but you needn’t wait until then, you can download our white paper ‘5G is coming. What will it mean? Download here to discover more about how 5G could change the way we live and work, as well as how technology companies can capitalise on the opportunities 5G brings.     

Download the White Paper


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