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Work hard, play nice: The Finn mantra has never been so relevant

April 22, 2020

They say that in a crisis people show their true colours, and with the COVID-19 lockdown firmly in place, we have seen a rainbow of goodness emerge around the world. Amidst the shocking figures that are relayed to us every day from the ever-stretched media outlets globally, there are always beacons of hope in amongst the chaos that remind us that human beings are inherently good.

It’s an incredibly tough time for everybody – and by everybody I mean the entire world. We may never again see a time where every woman, man and child on this earth is in exactly the same position, facing exactly the same threat – we hope we don’t in any case – and how we act now has the potential to shape the way in which we emerge on the other side.

For me, the kindness of people has been highlighted above all else, and more and more we see selfless acts being carried out in the interests of helping those that for whatever reason are unable to help themselves. Shopping is being dropped at doorsteps, prescriptions collected and delivered, the supermarket workers, the mailmen, the delivery drivers, the refuse collectors – and above all the amazing clinical staff – continue to battle on to keep us all going – and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are so many others that it would take a book to mention them all, but it is worth remembering that the majority of those that continue to put themselves at risk each day are some of the lowest paid individuals in our societies. Many have lost their lives – a tragedy that is beyond words – and yet regardless those brave people that remain carry on, as we all do in our own ways, pushing forward day by day as we edge ever closer to beating this silent assassin.

It is easy to become down and depressed amidst the inevitable sadness that emerges from such an event, but the key, in my opinion, is to keep on keeping on with the support of those around you. At Finn Partners we are continuing as best we can, working tirelessly for our clients from our homes as they try to weather this storm and at the same time looking after each other as a team.

Staying connected has been the key to keeping us all focused and motivated, and here I believe every single member of the team has participated greatly. There are Microsoft Teams chats that showcase home offices, and others that encourage people to share pictures of their pets. Last night there was a pop quiz via Zoom to kickstart the weekend, and virtual Apéro drinks meetings are happening in every time zone on a Friday after five. The initiatives are myriad, too many to mention, but they all have a common denominator – their focus is on people first, not profits.

It is the Finn Partners ‘work hard, play nice’ philosophy taken to the next level, and there has never been a better time to subscribe to that mantra. If nothing else this crisis has brought people closer together, and for me it is my hope that this spirit of togetherness continues the world over long after COVID-19 has been put in its place. So do work hard, and do play nice, and once this is over, if we can take one positive from it, perhaps it should be that the world we return to is one where people remember what it is truly like to connect with each other.

Stay safe and healthy, wash your hands – and be nice!

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