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Who Dominates CES2019 Search Results? Hint: It’s not any brand

January 8, 2019

Search engines, and particularly Google are the first stop any air breathing human makes when looking for information. Everyone understands the power of having a high search engine results pages (SERP) for terms their audiences or customers are searching for. There are a number of tools marketers can use to see how their organization ranks in search, such as SEMrush. But when you’re trying to understand how well your organization is doing across numerous search terms you need to apply a new metric so we developed the Search Leaderboard. With Search Leaderboard you can create a list of search terms you want to rank well in then get back a power rating for internet domains (i.e. organizations) based on the number of terms they rank and the position for that rank. We apply points on a relative scale with the most points going to highest ranked search results and the least points to the lowest search result rankings.

Finn search leaderboard

We ran Search Leaderboard against “CES2019” and 80 other related terms below to get the power ratings you see here.

related terms
ces mobile
ces health
ces csr
ces streaming video
ces health tracking
ces school
ces home security
ces innovative design
consumer electronics show
ces devices
ces robots
ces infosec
ces personal data
ces fitness
ces fitness tracking
ces smartphones
ces video gaming
ces gaming
ces wellness
ces event
ces home speakers
ces climate change
ces auto
ces data breach
ces driver assistance
ces education
ces cyber
ces product design
ces media day
ces cyber security
ces personal finance
ces health devices
ces learning
ces electronics
ces mobile bluetooth
ces machine learning
ces finance
ces home entertainment
ces manifacturing
ces augmented reality
ces press conference
ces gadgets
ces handset
ces home audio
ces robotics
ces investing
ces announcement
ces handheld electronics
ces media event
ces home bluetooth
ces home automation
ces iot
ces connected home
ces driverless cars
ces assisted driving
ces multiplayer
ces social responsibility
ces automotive
ces home video
ces game development
ces game consoles
ces cars
ces virtual reality
ces digital health
ces bots
ces internet of things
ces artificial intelligence
ces 2019
ces industrial automation
ces environment
ces ar
ces information security
ces sustainability
ces medical
ces personal information
ces money management
ces games
ces ai

POSTED BY: Barry Reicherter

Barry Reicherter