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Which Pie’s A Slice Above The Rest?

March 13, 2019

In honor of Pi Day (March 14), we asked Finn employees to vote for their favorite flavor of pie. Yes, we know National Pie Day is Jan. 23, but are you really going to give up a chance for free pie in the break room? Really? Really? Then we want your slice. Well, 3.14 slices, to be exact.

Now, before revealing the winners, let’s dive into how we set this up. We were strict with the criteria. In fact, a bit of research went into the answer options. National lists from past years with top flavors and most popular choices. Google was widely consulted. Pies were shown in alphabetical order. One vote per person.

Any write-ins had to meet pie criteria. No cobblers, crumbles or crisps in this survey. Betty? Pandowdy? Grunt? Nope. It had to be pie.

While some respondents argued choosing merely one flavor of pie was a cruelty, there was a very vocal group of folks who reminded the survey-writers that pies could have savory options. Look, we see you, offices across the pond. The magic of shepherd’s pie or chicken pot pie didn’t cross our minds at first. We promise you’ll get a button to click on next year.

And vote, vote our colleagues did. With nearly 30 percent of our employees across the globe participating, we feel fairly confident we know the top pie flavors at Finn Partners.

  1. Apple – 20.3% of votes
    With 2,500 varieties of apples grown in all 50 US states (and 75,000 varieties grown around the globe), it’s no wonder that apple pie won by a mile. Whether you bake yours in a brown bag or use a fancy pie shield to keep your crusts from burning, nothing makes our hearts gladder than knowing this perennial favorite rose to the top by a large margin. Mmm. We can smell the cinnamon thinking about the sweet, sweet taste of victory.
  2. Pumpkin – 11% of votes
    This late winter has us wishing it were time for Thanksgiving already. Nothing better than those spices and smooth pumpkin on your fork with a small mountain of whipped cream during the holidays. Who doesn’t get up from their food coma and rummage through the fridge with a fork to finish off the delicious leftovers? Just us? Huh. Weird.
  3. Pecan – 9.3% of votes
    We won’t get into the right way to pronounce this one, but who doesn’t love the smell of the pecans toasting in the oven followed by this delicious confection slightly jiggling when you take it out of the oven? We confess that it’s hard to get this one just right, so we often turn to the professionals to get the most perfect result. Unless you have that one relative who always makes the perfect pecan pie. Please take us with you next time you go over.
  4. Key lime – 8.2% of votes
    Tart and tasty, key lime pie is so perfect. Key lime juice, egg yolks and sweetened condensed milk make this our go-to to grab from the bakery or freezer aisle. You don’t eat your key lime pie half frozen? That’s the best part. You’re patient. Fine. Next time we’ll set the pie in the fridge in the morning like we’re supposed to.
  5. Lemon meringue – 7.1% of votes
    Looks like many of our dessert-loving colleagues like things sour. We’re jealous of anyone who can get a non-weeping meringue topping. Sweet, creamy and citric, there’s nothing quite like a slice of lemon meringue.

There you have it! The top five pie flavors at Finn Partners. 2019 edition. We’re sure this blog post will spark some internal debates and discussions, so we might have to see how things shake out in the future. Until then, happy Pi Day!

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