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What’s All The Negativity About?

January 8, 2019

There hasn’t been a lot of negative commentary around CES, but what little there has been mostly focused around disbelief that what we are seeing is real. “Oh, it’s time for CES again. The show where we find out what stupid vaporware we can expect to never want or need…”

Though CES is inevitably about revealing ground-breaking technology and prototypes, brands need to balance that against the belief that what we are seeing is real, or at least has hope to be real. Though this negativity is still just a blip compared to the coverage of major announcements, it’s worth tracking, and it is a significant factor when tracking how many consumers have seen it.

The smart brands are the ones that not only demonstrate serious innovation, but also make us believe in the possibility of it being real, even if it is far from being on the shelves.

POSTED BY: Matt Bostrom

Matt Bostrom