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Wellness During a Pandemic

March 25, 2020

Earlier, my colleague Tom Jones wrote “From Wellness Moments to Wellness Movements.” As we have seen our colleagues in Asia deal with COVID-19, as we are confined to our homes, FINN staff in the EU and US see this movement as more important than ever.

We know people with concomitant health issues, like being a smoker, having diabetes or heart disease, increases the risk from COVID-19. The wellness movement seeks to increase health and support immunity; it seeks to increase not just life span, but health span. That doesn’t stop during a pandemic. So, what do you do if you’re in the wellness industry?

  1. Stay connected to your tribe. The wellness movement encourages togetherness and support. Think both physical and emotional wellbeing. While we are now practicing social distancing, we can remain connected. While you will not see your customers/clients physically, communicating with them in a supportive, non-sales-oriented way, supports the main goal of wellness. Whether this is sharing more Instagram content or texts with those who have opted-in, or communicating via podcast or newsletter, your tribe wants to know they are connected to you and will remain so when the new normal evolves. You can show the realness of your costumers’ experiences, as well as your employees’ reality while also letting them know how you’re helping employees who may not be able to do their jobs from home. Demonstrating that you live your own values connects the tribe more tightly.
  1. Recognize the emotional rollercoaster. Your tribe members may be feeling anxious about their own or a loved one’s health, the economy, trying to work with young children at home, trying to be social while living alone. The list goes on and on). There’s too much anxiety to list. But there are also moments of laughter. Clients, colleagues and community members need moments of laughter. Moments of normalcy. Sharing content that acknowledges life’s ups and downs and provides information about how to navigate these times is valuable and needed. Virtual therapy is a growing area, but acknowledging ups and downs doesn’t have to move into that arena. Be real.
  1. Reinforce your brand value. Your reason for existence is to improve wellness. Wellness is something that carries us forward into our futures. It is needed more than ever. Demonstrating your benefits without over promising is appropriate. Plus, connecting what you bring to the table owing to the current environment is okay. Do you operate a gym or Pilates studio that has closed because of COVID-19?  Sharing content on public channels about how to stay fit is important. It keeps us centered.  It’s even acceptable to convey that your instructors are taking an income hit and offer paid classes via Zoom.  Are you focused on the importance of sleep (e.g., a mattress, bedding or supplement company)? Provide tips about how best to sleep during periods of anxiety.  Staying true to your brand helps consumers navigate the pandemic.

 As we seek to #FlattenTheCurve on COVID-19, we must ensure that wellness is embraced. It’s more than just for the moment – it’s a movement for our better futures.


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