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Vote to Get FINN Clients on Stage at SXSW 2023

August 15, 2022

Our clients are tackling some of the world’s most pressing issues. We want their voices heard on a global stage – SXSW 2023. And we need your help! Cast your vote for the following sessions:

From confronting bias in AI to shining a light on the 2.6 million women of color who can fill the tech skills gap, these industry-leading experts are taking action to accelerate diversity, equity and inclusion across education, tech and more.

➡️ Making AI an Ally: How “AI Hygiene” Can Fight Bias

➡️ Let’s Talk Inclusion: We Get Real AF with Youth

➡️ Develop an Engineering Mindset: An Equity Strategy

➡️ Inclusive Learning with Computer Science

➡️ Be the Table: Pay It Forward for Collective Impact

➡️ 2.6M Women of Color are Hiding in Plain Sight


This is tech that’s changing the way we live. Using quantum computing to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Advancing sustainability in building design and emissions reduction. Reimaging workforce management in a time of hyper-disruption.

➡️ Organic Quibits: Quantum Computing Through Nature

➡️ What if GPS Went Away? How It Could and What We Should Do

➡️ Fighting Climate Change with Quantum Technology

➡️ Strategic Workforce Planning in Hyper-Disruption

➡️ Buildings Need to be Creative to be Sustainable

➡️ What We Breathe: The Need for Better Indoor Air

➡️ Reducing the Toughest Emissions


From using tech to understand and prevent mass violence in the U.S. to elevating youth voices in advocacy programs, these are leading voices in their fields on a mission to effect meaningful change.

➡️ Family Engagement: A Statewide Strategy

➡️ Elevating Youth Voices: Best Practices from Youth

➡️ How to Save America from a Human Rights Meltdown

➡️ Understanding & Preventing Mass Violence in the U.S.


Whether it’s transforming the healthcare ecosystem and patient experience or the way we understand our relationship with technology, these experts are at the forefront of innovation that creates tangible changes in health, wellness and beyond.

➡️ Economic Transformation and Patient Engagement

➡️ An Effective Health Ecosystem for Consumers & Docs

➡️ Are Smartphones the Next Teen Addiction Crisis?