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PRWeek US Awards 2023: Best in Technology

March 21, 2023

Originally posted on PRWeek on March 17, 2023

WINNER: Honeywell and FINN Partners

Breathe Easy: How Honeywell is Driving Action for Better Indoor Air

COVID-19 drew loads of attention to indoor air quality — a factor of life that most people overlooked prior to the pandemic. After learning that the disease spreads almost exclusively indoors, people fled to their homes while Honeywell got to work educating the general public and facility decision-makers on indoor air quality.

To start, Honeywell partnered with Wakefield Research to conduct a survey that found that most workers didn’t feel completely safe in their buildings. It then performed a media audit, which found that media coverage of indoor air quality stuck to superficial solutions like opening a window or purchasing a CO2 monitor.

Honeywell used this research to lead the charge on teaching facility owners how office workers feel about working in their buildings. The brand also forged relationships with customers and partners such as the Jacksonville Jaguars and Syracuse University to create safer stadium experiences and fund research into emerging air quality technologies.

Honeywell’s blog traffic blew up exponentially, thanks to paid promotions around thought leadership articles such as an op-ed from Rachel Hodgdon, president of the International Well Building Institute, on the importance of investing in better air quality in school buildings. Capitalizing on white space surrounding indoor air quality, Honeywell successfully sold its healthy building solutions to customers in need of in-depth information on the topic. By timing news outreach to returns to classrooms and offices; the emergences of new COVID-19 variants; and upticks in holiday travel, Honeywell established itself as a leading voice in conversations about healthy buildings.

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