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June 21, 2019


Brody Gordon, New York 

What is your favorite app, and your favorite electronic gadget?

I would have to go with Facebook. I follow a ton of brands, athletes and personalities on there and the ongoing feed keeps me updated on the latest news pertaining to all. I use Instagram more for personal scrolling, and I use Facebook more for work and brand research, so depending on who and what you follow, I think it’s great to stay updated in real time, with real news – maybe after sifting through some clickbait!

What was the most recent book you enjoyed?

A Brief History of Seven Killings – I am not much of a reader in my leisure time. So for me to sit down and make it through a book, it would have to be based on a topic I truly enjoy. This was a great book and story. The book discusses the assassination attempt on Bob Marley at the SMILE Jamaica Concert in 1976. The story describes how the situation was politically charged and how the lack of evidence made it impossible to identify the shooters. You can check out the documentary “Who Shot The Sheriff?” on Netflix too, if your book lineup is already set for summer. Who doesn’t like Bob!

Which news sites/outlets do you check regularly?

Shop Eat Surf keeps me updated on the industry news I need. It also provides potential new business prospects, as they are usually posting startups and other new brands in the space that would be great additions to the portfolio. I am a big Complexguy as well for anything pop culture, style and music! Then there is Surfline.comwhich not only gives the latest news in surfing, but also provides an accurate surf forecast for any spot in the world, yes even in New Jersey, yes there are waves in New Jersey, yes it’s cold too but the waves get really good!

What would be your splurge meal, and at what restaurant?

There is this pizza spot called DaVinci’s near Long Beach New York, they have a grandma pie that will put you out of commission for hours because you cannot stop eating it. So I would have to say my splurge meal would be as many slices of that as possible, with someone supervising the ordeal for safety.

What song gets you pumped?

Definitely would depend on what I was getting pumped for, but Make Some Noise by the Beastie Boys can always get me super stoked in any situation. If I was trying to get pumped for something more low key, any live set from Slightly Stoopid would definitely do the trick or something else clean like that – Check out Jimi Baby on their Live at Roberto’s set.

What is the one professional development tip that has been invaluable to you?

When I first started interning in PR, my parents told me (with no previous office work history) that if someone asks you to do something and you don’t know how to do it, just say okay and figure it out as fast as you can – don’t stand there and say “yea, I don’t know how to do that.” This definitely helped me take on different projects, roll with the punches and become super resourceful!

What three things would you want most if stranded on a desert island?

  • Sunscreen
  • My surfboard
  • A Red Stripe – for post session

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Brody Gordon