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How to Tap into the Power of Social Media to Tell the Stories Your Customers Want to Hear

June 21, 2022

Today’s communications professionals need to take a close look at the stories they tell on behalf of their businesses. Skillful brand storytelling requires multiple channels – one of which being social media.

But social is more than just an outlet to tell your brand’s story. It has become a crucial source of information that helps gain a better understanding of customers’ needs and expectations. Leaders from FINN Partners recently contributed to a new article by Sprout Social, revealing how marketers can ensure their brand’s story is unforgettable.

What is brand storytelling?

According to Peter Levin, Creative Director at FINN Partners, “Telling a brand’s story begins with finding its truth. Whether in social or broadcast or any medium in between, consumers will seek out brands that feel authentic to both their values and what they want from a product or company. Once we’ve mined that truth, we then convert it into an outward-facing message that can be disseminated and interpreted in every channel to every audience.”

Your brand’s story also impacts your entire PR strategy – from the way your executives should sound or respond to a crisis to how you build your social media presence. Your story should maintain consistency across channels.

Three elements of a great brand story

There are three key elements to ensuring your story makes an impact:

  • Leverage narrative techniques: Like the foundation of a good movie or book, brand stories have characters, settings, conflict, climax and resolution. By incorporating these essential elements into your brand’s story, you make it possible to build emotional connections with people.
  • Lean into authenticity: Don’t create stories for the sake of being part of a trend. Stay true to your brand’s identity and use your values as your north star.
  • Work with your audience: Stories can’t be created in silos. Creators, fans and marketers should collaborate to create a brand’s essence, ensuring your story will resonate with your audience.

The importance of listening

People tell brands exactly what they want on social. They share their thoughts about everything from feelings and opinions to products, current events and more.

But just as important as telling a story is making sure it resonates. Company alignment with personal values is 74% more important to consumers than it was in 2021, according to the Sprout Social Index™.

“If you can get a pulse from your audience in the comments section, DMs or via AMA, that qualitative data can help inform creative and content strategies, your editorial calendar and even your larger marketing strategy. It’s an awesome focus group at your disposal 24/7 that can help you refine your brand story on social and beyond,” said Alex Suazo, VP Digital Marketing & Social, FINN Partners.

For more on how social listening can boost brand storytelling and brand storytelling examples that connect with audiences, check out the full post on Sprout Social’s Insights blog.