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How to Fight the Pandemic Travel and Tourism Blues

October 5, 2020

Working in one of the hardest hit global industries (where approximately one in 10 people worldwide are employed, according to a recent TravelPulse article), finding joy in a travel career may currently feel like an uphill battle. Many of us, whether as a publicist, writer or agent, purposely or luckily got into travel because it stirred an inner passion to explore places and have culturally enriching experiences along the way, while helping others to do the same.    

In the midst of chaos and confusion from COVID-19 to social injustice, job loss and political division – it’s easy to lose your edge and feel helpless by circumstances we can’t control. 

Below are several ways in which travel professionals and members of the larger travel community can continue to find that spark in our daily lives:

Apart but Connected
The travel industry is known for comradery and solidarity in challenging times. We love making connections and meeting new people. While that’s currently not possible, we can use this time to re-connect with people we’ve lost touch with, or to create new relationships in our respective industries. Facebook groups that connect people with shared interests are more popular than ever, including these for people in travel. Looking for a group to join? We recommend Travel & Hospitality Czars, TravelZoo Nation, and Young Travel Professionals (YTP).

Explore Your Envy
Have you seen someone else working on a dream travel client you have always wanted to be a part of? Or noticed someone utilizing a skill you have always wanted to attain? Follow your jealousy and actively work on making these dreams a reality. Speak up and ask to be a part of that project or find opportunities with online classes or certifications that will continue building the dream work life you want. Websites such as Skillshare offer a variety of travel-inspired courses including 3-minute language classes, travel sketching and travel street photography that may come in handy on your next adventure.  Also keep yourself well-informed on the travel industry by signing up for newsletters such as Global Hospitality & Travel Insights: Unpack, showcasing the best writing for Questex Hospitality + Travel’s top publications, highlighting impactful industry trends and updates.  

Rest is Revolutionary
While it may seem counterintuitive, the more time we have, the more pressure there is to be productive, which often leads to burnout. Take the time to step back each day to fully unplug (including stepping away from your social media feed) and do something fun or mindless that, while not work related, does keep you connected to travel – such as trip planning for a future adventure. Brand USA’s American Road Trip Planner offers a way for travelers to plug in their preferences, customize their own itinerary and explore America’s gems through an epic road trip.

Be a Source of Joy
The best way to feel joyful is to bring joy to others. In your day-to-day at work or at home, ask yourself how you can make this time easier for others and how to lift their spirits. It could be praising someone for a recent job well done, offering a helping hand on a project or taking on an extra task for an overwhelmed loved one or colleague, especially those who are currently juggling family life and virtual schooling. To send an uplifting message, coordinate a group  “virtual hug” via VidHug to create a fun group video for someone who may really need it.

There’s no reason to give up on travel – it will come back – it always does.  Keep connected, grow, learn and prioritize your happiness. You’ll be rewarded with a sense of control and purpose while together, we adapt for a stronger and better future.