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#FINNFam Friday | Meet Erica Yin

August 5, 2022

What would be your splurge meal and at what restaurant?

Oh, this is a tough call. I am the girl who eats almost everything! (But, of course, no weird stuff!) I used to love trying new and popular restaurants in town, places like bistros, creative fusion, etc. I also did line up for some Instagrammable spots for beautiful pics. But now after trying trendy stuff, I tend to go back to traditional Chinese food. My brainless go-to place would be a Sichuan restaurant called Sichuan Citizen. I’d always order Fish filets in hot chili oil 水煮鱼 and spicy dumplings. The restaurant itself decorates with lots of old-school furnishings, which delivers a touch of tradition and culture.

What is your go-to productivity hack?

Write down all the to-do items on stickers. One item on each sticker. Stick the stickers on the edge of the computer screen. Pull one down once you finish the item. And my personal preference is to work with background music. My favorite genre would be Soul & R&B.

What book or movie have you recently read/seen that you would recommend?

I’ve been reading The Three Body Problem recently. It was quite trendy back then when the author won the Hugo Award. It is good science fiction but it is not easy to digest without any research. That’s why it’s taking me longer to finish.

For movies, oh well I haven’t been watching newly-released movies these days, but I’d like to recommend one of my favorite movies – Youth – by the award-winning director Sorrentino. Although his other movie won an Academy Award, this one makes me cry every time.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

You are the only one spending your whole life with yourself, so be good to yourself. Friends and families are the ones making your whole life better, so be good to them.

What destinations are on your list of top 3 places to visit? Why?

Only top 3? Haha.

  1. Sardinia, Italy – I love islands and it’s Italy
  2. Istanbul, Turkey – I am fascinated by its history, Byzantium, Constantinople… as well as architecture.
  3. Egypt – I saw too many movies about the mystery there…

What is one professional skill you’re currently working on?

Presenting my ideas in a more logical way so that others can understand more clearly the rationales and approaches to achieve the goals.

What would your superpower be and why?

Super speed. Not only for sports but also to boost the efficiency of everything. Then I can be deadline-free.

What is your favorite app and your favorite electronic gadget?

Instagram. Not only does it connect me with the world but also brings me inspiration. I am not a very tech-savvy person so I don’t really use gadgets.

What would you do with your time if you didn’t have to work?

I think I’d like to go on an expedition. Visit those top 3 or top 5 destinations, meet different people, and try things I have never even thought about.

What is your greatest professional achievement?

I have been working at agencies since Day 1. It’s challenging but interesting, as I have chances to face to different clientele and industries. Overall, I am getting more experience and the ability to be a better team player. On top of those, I’d say the greatest professional achievement is a WeChat advertising campaign for the client HKDC. I worked with colleagues as a team to come up with a cost-effective advertising solution on WeChat and the result turned out better than what we expected. And this was my first integrated WeChat advertising campaign.

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