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Finn Partners’ Technology Practice Launches Next Tech Initiative

January 23, 2017

Companies offering solutions based on disruptive technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual and augmented reality, 3D printing, automotive and blockchain technologies, face communication challenges when trying to foster audience acceptance and boost widespread adoption.  Finn Partners’ Technology Practice today launched Next Tech, an innovative initiative that helps cutting-edge technology companies connect with customers – both professional and consumer – through surround-sound communications campaigns that deliver value to their businesses and everyday lives.

“The combination of machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, cognitive computing and blockchain will be the most significant shift in computing and business this decade and beyond,” said R “Ray” Wang, Principal Analyst, Founder, and Chairman of Silicon Valley based Constellation Research, Inc.

“For example, AI-driven smart services will sense one’s surroundings, know one’s preferences from past behavior, and subtly guide people and machines through their daily lives in ways that will truly feel seamless. This quest will require a new breed of smart communications experts to debunk the potential myths and misperceptions around their offerings, particularly during a time in the world that is already fraught with so much change. In fact, brands and enterprises seek strategy and advice on how to communicate outcomes that are sensitive to nuance and market acceptance. They expect their agency to take a holistic, more modern approach to tech marketing that the industry will need going forward.”

Created by a global team of tech communications experts, Next Tech programs are rooted in digital demand mapping research – a proprietary methodology for monitoring online dialogue, channels, influencers and trending topics. Leveraging these insights, Finn Partners develops and executes thought leadership, market education, visual storytelling and use-cases, while continually measuring results. This approach represents a fundamental shift from silo-based, traditional PR programs to more fully integrated, strategic campaigns that deliver impactful results.

Finn Partners’ Next Tech has already been instrumental in helping a variety of clients, including:

  • Machine Learning & Augmented Reality: For Apttus, the company that defined the Quote-to-Cash space and wrote the book on it, Finn Partners helped launch two new solutions that demonstrated Apttus’ advancements in machine learning and augmented reality leveraging a campaign that communicated specific outcomes and business value the solutions enabled. In addition to strategic media relations, the campaign focused on a more sophisticated approach to thought leadership, content marketing and social media to drive market awareness.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Finn Partners planned and executed a targeted media tour for ClearMetal’s CEO, Adam Compain, to educate trade outlets and industry influencers about the company’s Predictive Intelligence Platform, which uses artificial intelligence and big data analyses about global trade networks to generate the most accurate predictions in shipping. To communicate this new AI application, the team crafted a corporate narrative and key messages to help the media understand how the industry will change with widespread adoption of ClearMetal’s predictive logistics.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): The Thread Group is an industry alliance dedicated to driving the adoption of the Thread protocol, an IP-based networking solution that connects low-power devices in both home and commercial buildings. To educate the industry and build awareness for Thread, Finn Partners developed a multi-faceted thought leadership program that addressed the IoT industry’s biggest challenge – fragmentation. The initiative positioned the organization and its executives as innovative collaborators in keynotes and panels at international events, as well as in articles that reach engineers and component decision-makers. 

Finn Partners’ Next Tech Initiative is led by Andrew Corcione, partner, based in San Francisco with support from other tech practice experts in each of the agency’s 13 offices. Oversight is provided by Finn Partners’ global technology practice lead and managing partner, Sabrina Horn.

“It’s imperative for companies that introduce transformative technologies to educate audiences on how they work and clearly demonstrate how widespread adoption of their solutions can improve the way we live and work,” said Corcione. “Next Tech leverages unique communications methodologies and approaches to help companies navigate changing media and influencer channels to gain the traction they need to drive adoption and exceed their business goals.”

For more information about Finn Partners’ Technology practice and the Next Tech Initiative, visit our website.


POSTED BY: Sabrina Horn

Sabrina Horn