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FINN Partners and Galen Growth Global State of Digital Health 2022

January 6, 2023

Looking at the past year, it is evident that investor mindsets matured in 2022, and lessons learned were applied. Obstacles – from regulatory hurdles to payer pushback – made incubators, accelerators and private equity groups much more selective in their investment and partnership decisions. They looked beyond “invention” to innovation – where the market seeks to embrace a new product and rally to  its access within the health ecosystem. The year-end 2022 “Global State of Digital Health Report” does far more than examine monies invested in the broad digital health category — it offers a guide for decisionmakers on how multiple data points translate into market shifts and how to pinpoint trends that provide predictive insight and best practices in investment strategies, across regions, Digital Health categories, therapeutic areas and technologies. With this report, data is shared not as “one-off” ideas but as puzzle pieces assembled to provide actional insight into a dynamic and evolving digital innovation sector that offers the transformative power to find effective detours around health ecosystem fragmentation.

While other reports highlight “media grabbers” and numbers disconnected from insight into where the money is going — from the investment stage to disease states—Galen Growth and FINN Partners connected more  than 200 million critical analytic dots. Thanks to their depth and diligence, this report and the ones that follow will guide C-Suite leaders, business development and therapeutic area heads, private equity funds, and financial analysts to make savvy decisions that drive return-on- investment—whether the goals be financial or patient care.


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