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Finn Partners Acquires ABI

September 18, 2017

I am very pleased to announce that Finn Partners has reached an agreement to acquire ABI Marketing Public Relations.

ABI’s CEO, Alan Isacson, heads the 35-person agency which is focused on the industrial B2B sector. The acquisition will strengthen our existing international operations, and expand our global footprint. ABI is headquartered in NY and has has a sizable team in London and staff in Frankfurt, Singapore and Shanghai, all of whom are joining Finn Partners.  In Europe, ABI will support us in diversifying our business beyond our strength in the B2B sector.

The addition of ABI’s offices in Frankfurt and Shanghai will bring our total number of offices globally to 16, and our total headcount to about 550. ABI’s team will bring us new marketing and PR expertise in the industrial sector, something we’ve never had, and of course bring to Finn Partners new clients and new staff resources which will also strengthen our firm.

Our industry is facing a challenging environment. PR Week recently ran a story saying that for the first time in almost a decade the consolidated quarterly fees for the five major holding companies were down. But times of disruption can often result in consolidation and opportunity. Acquiring successful firms like ABI is a crucial part of our strategy to meet the challenges marketing agencies face, continue on the great path we have travelled over the last five years and emerge from this period of disruption as one of the strongest firms in our industry.

We are thrilled to welcome Alan Isacson and his team at ABI to the global Finn Partners family.

Peter Finn