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FINN Clients at COP28

November 2, 2023

Attending COP28 are changemakers, organizations dedicated to overcoming some of the most difficult environmental issues facing the world.

Rotary International

Set against a world grappling with multifaceted environmental challenges, Rotary International will emphasize the importance of collaborative, community-driven action at COP28 in Dubai.

The Rotary delegation, led by Rotary President Gordon McInally, Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair Barry Rassin, and Rotary International General Secretary and CEO John Hewko, will manage a Pavilion in the UN-managed venue (Blue Zone).

The Rotary Pavilion will host 28 breakout sessions aligned with the COP28 thematic days, some of which include:

  • Climate Crisis and Health of Women and the Girl Child: A Gender Perspective
  • Coming Together: An Inter-generational Approach for Climate Advocacy
  • Protecting our Planet’s Lungs: Making Forests Pay

Rotary will also help facilitate collaboration on community-led climate action and discuss the intersection of climate change and mental health.

Belize Tourism Board

A Central American travel destination well-known for its cultural heritage and ecological wonders, Belize will be announcing the categories of the first World Sustainability Awards of which they are the destination partner.

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