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FINN Adds Medika.Life to its Omni-Channel Communications Platform, Expanding Opportunities for Health Ecosystem Thought Leaders to Share Ideas with Global Health Decision-Makers and Influencers

December 14, 2021

Medika.Life Joins Pharmacy Podcast Network in FINN Unit Showcasing Content Vital to Improving Patient Access to Innovative Ideas in Medicine

NEW YORK, December 14, 2021 — Global independent marketing and communications firm FINN Partners today announced that starting January 1, 2022, Medika.Life – a global opinion and news platform recognized for hosting and distributing health-sector thought-leaders’ content to its 100,000 and more monthly readers, joins FINN as a unique operating unit. Medika.Life and its regular content, which includes the popular listicles “Fifty of the Most Influential Voices in Healthcare,” “Fifty of the Most Impactful Tech Innovators in Digital Healthcare” and “The 50 Most Influential Leaders in Pharmacy,” will be championed by Gil Bashe, Global Health Chair, FINN Partners, and Noah Finn, Managing Partner, Integrated Marketing.

Editors-in-Chief Robert Turner and Jeffrey Livingston, MD will assume new roles as Founding Editors-in-Chief Emeritus. Bashe will take on an additional agency role as Medika.Life editor-in-chief. Bashe and  Noah Finn will serve together as co-publishers to support operations of the platform, which now hosts more than 40 authors sharing content in general medicine, health policy, ecohealth, disease awareness and issues of interest for patients, payers and providers. Popular contributors, including physician leader Hesham A. Hassaballa, MD, a  New York Times featured Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine specialist in clinical practice for more than 20 years, and Lisa Bradburn, a psychotherapist writing about the nexus between technology and the human condition, will continue in their roles. Technology theorist John Nosta, contributor to Bloomberg, Forbes, Fortune and Psychology Today will be joining the platform and additional editors and authors will be added in the months ahead.

“Vision and values drive mission, and the Medika.Life platform – through its content and reach – seeks to tackle many of the same societal challenges that FINN, as a major global communications agency, is working to address with our clients,” said Peter Finn, Founding Partner, FINN Partners. “When Medika.Life sought-out a committed partner that mirrored its values and vision to support its mission and continued growth, we were honored to be approached,” he added.

“Medika is far more than simply aggregating medical data and information. Since our founding in 2020, our goal has been to advocate for a medical community committed to uniting the fragmented health ecosystem toward a globally accessible, ethical and equitable industry that places the needs of patients at the forefront,” shares Robert Turner, co-founder and Co-Editor-in-Chief Emeritus, Medika.Life.  “We invited Gil Bashe to write for our platform at its genesis. In him, we found a kindred spirit equally dedicated to our efforts. It made the conversation with FINN a given as we all looked to support the platform’s future,” he added.

“We amplify the voices of medical professionals who seek positive reform within the industry, and we provide a platform to highlight injustice, inequality and racial bias in medicine,” reflects Jeffrey Livingston, MD, co-founder and Co-Editor-in-Chief Emeritus, Medika.Life, who is a board-certified ob/gyn and CEO, MacArthur Medical Center, in Dallas, TX. “We created Medika.Life recognizing that even the most inspired and motivated voices require a network of committed fellow professionals for support and collaboration,” he added. Livingston is also editor-in-chief of Being Well on Medium, which will continue its collaboration with Medika.Life by sharing content across platforms.

“Physicians, patients, policy leaders, planetary health advocates and health innovation leaders saw an urgent need to reach like-minded people to foster conversation and motivate change. Medika.Life quickly became a go-to for sharing bold ideas. With its continued cross-platform connection to Being Well on Medium, Medika – with added support from FINN – will provide authors expansive reach to address public health priorities and share ideas directly with key audiences,” said Gil Bashe, Chair Global Health, FINN.

Together with the Pharmacy Podcast Network (PPN) – a news organization absorbed by FINN in November that is known for hosting and distributing content to an audience of 100,000+in the pharmacy community – Medika.Life will form the core of the FINN new omni-channel communications effort, which offers invited contributors opportunities to share their ideas and opinions with influential and important audiences throughout the health ecosystem.

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