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FILMLA Research by Finn earns PRism Award

December 9, 2019


FilmLA is the official film office of Los Angeles. With a goal to attract and retain film production in Los Angeles, FilmLA had some distinct challenges: more competition as other cities continue to build out their production capabilities; a shift in the production model of the film and television industry, with more content being produced for streaming services; and an emergence of new and independent filmmakers that FilmLA needed to be a resource for. FilmLA conducted a research project to reassess its brand and communications to strengthen its perception and maintain LA’s reputation as the world’s premier production destination.

The Objectives

Conduct a brand audit comprising of digital analysis and a qualitative brand and creative review that focuses on defining the reach of the FilmLA brand and perceptions among current users and prospective marketers. 

Develop a deeper understanding of FilmLA’s priority audiences (needs, desires, behaviors, etc.) in order to inform the marketing strategy and deliver the best integrated experience across all channels (owned, earned, and paid). 

Create insights statements from the collected data and observations in the research to inform an integrated communications plan.

The Research

Finn Partners conducted a tiered research plan to learn more about the current perception of the brand, then test out new messaging to ensure the communications resonated with all the defined audiences based on the findings. To secure a complete brand picture, the research consisted of qualitative and quantitative measurement tools:

Brand Communications Audit

This initial look provides a benchmark of where FilmLA is now, how audiences connect with the brand, and the consistency of the brand presentation across all touch points.

Net Promoter Score integration – implemented a customer loyalty metric on the website “How likely are you to recommend FilmLA?”

Search engine performance

Brand mentions gap analysis – identification and segmentation of all brand and website mentions looking for alignment with organization brand values or dominant opinion themes 

Review of established materials
Print materials and collaterals (is there consistency in visual presentation, branding?)

Digital presence (is the brand established on the proper channels, what is the frequency, and brand image that is portrayed? Is there consistency with other channels?)

Target Market Research:

Direct outreach to diverse audiences, including both internal members of the organization and its board, customers and clients, and the community that FilmLA serves to secure in-depth testimonial, feedback, and allow for message testing and reactions

(4) Focus Groups

(20) In-depth interviews
Online survey to customer database 

Digital Demand Mapping:

While the initial audit looked at the overall visual brand image and how the brand was established, the digital demand mapping looks in-depth at the conversations taking place throughout the digital landscape. 

Keyword identification and search landscape analysis Digital/News/Social channels analysis

Share of voice
Most popular channels
Trends on conversation topics, and where those conversations are taking place 

Influencer identification


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Barry Reicherter