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Collaboration At Work: A Mindset of Collaboration Leads to Amazing Results

March 4, 2019

Held in Orlando, Florida in February, the HIMSS19 trade show is the marquee health technology event of the year, attracting some 45,000 attendees. It also serves as an annual marketing focal point for many of our clients. This year, our Finn Partners Health and Technology Practices had 11 clients attending HIMSS, in addition to prospective clients, as well assome of our key media and market influencer connections.

I had the honor of attending this show on behalf of FINN Jerusalem. I was joined by colleagues from New York and Nashville and supported by staff from across the FINN network including Digital, Health and Tech teams, across several offices. It was a global and network-wide orchestra performing on behalf of our clients and our firm.

Through this effort, we highlighted our strength in both Health and Technology by coordinating dozens of interviews, securing hundreds of thousands of impressions through coordinated social media efforts, creating 10 video blogs with client- and sector-innovation leaders. We hosted the kick-off media event and arranged a dinner for 20+ clients, diplomats and FINN friends.  

Clients saw that working with FINN means their account teams are not limited to those dedicated to their efforts daily.  In fact, many welcomed us – seeing us – for the first time. Their responses were universal – gratified that they had selected to work with an agency that ensures they come first.  In a word: Collaboration!

So, what does collaboration look like? Here are three suggestions for collaboration among teams and offices:

  • My client is your client, and your client is mine.

When it comes to making a difference for clients, we must think and act amazing. When we focus myopically, to secure a few hits for our own clients, we limit our impact. Working a trade show like HIMSS, think broadly. Every FINN client is ours collectively.  Our mindsets must shift to the ambassadorial desire to get the result for all client needs, regardless of whether or not we work day-to-day on a specific account. So, take that ownership and chip in for your colleagues. Rest assured, they will do the same for you when you need it. 

  • Communicate early, respond quickly.

Our successes at HIMSS are possible thanks to clear communication among colleagues. Leading up to the meeting, this meant constant sharing information between the Health and Tech Practices, offering on-site HIMSS team support, and outlining the ways in which we could provide support for their clients at the show.

Communicating all of this with enough time to prepare, and having colleagues provide timely, clear responses led to the on-site HIMSS team’s ability to prepare and execute during this hectic and potentially overwhelming week in Orlando.

  • No room for ego

To do the most we can for our clients, we’ve got to put ego aside and realize that our collective success is greater when we extend trust to each other and always think client-first. Does it feel good to secure an interview with a tier-one media contact?  Certainly!  But, thinking about how to harness our media connections for each other and our collective clients makes us stronger.

This means that in our work, we must communicate kindly with colleagues.  While anxieties can lead us to jump, take a few moments to consider each person’s positive intent.  Sometimes this can mean letting go of the reins a little – a hard thing to do in our business, where personal connections are the currency that makes us valued. But, if we work as a unified agency, knowing colleagues are supporting you to deliver results can lead to greater output.

As communication agency professionals, we’ve all got a lot on our plates, especially during major conferences.  We can amplify our abilities by taking a cross-office and cross-team collaboration approach that will make all the difference for our clients, setting them, and ourselves apart from the pack.  FINNtastic!

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