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#CES2019: Towards a Smart-Everything World

January 11, 2019

Most likely, they will never own or drive a car.  They won’t need to fold their clothes after laundry, clean their shoes or go grocery shopping – thanks to a myriad of smart appliances. Robots will help them around the house. They will exercise on connected workout equipment at home. These were my thoughts as I was walking the show floor at #CES2019.

It’s astonishing to witness new technologies evolving and becoming a reality in just a year. Last year, digital assistants were the new thing that would be integrated into everything. This year, digital assistants are already the norm with voice becoming the ‘go to’ interface. All new devices are voice controlled, while – I would bet > $1 million that – #Alexa and #Google were the most commonly used words at the show – with #5G being a close third.

If you’ve never been to CES, it is the largest and most influential #tech event in the world. More than 4,500 exhibitors show off their latest innovations and vision for the future. But it’s not just tech companies. As the CES Daily noted on day two, every company – regardless of the industry – is a tech company and has great innovation stories to share with the world. This is what we, at Finn Partners, call “The Tech Effect.” And so, I was pleasantly surprised to see my first employer, Procter & Gamble, exhibiting at the show for the first time ever, promoting beauty innovations, such as a skin advisor tool that tells users the age of their skin.

As always, there was a lot to see. TVs that roll up and down, and if you wish, disappear into a base (kudos to #LG). Robots that do everything from purifying air to serving as ‘companions’ (#sad). Sleek, electric autonomous concept vehicles that truly take your breath away. Smart refrigerators that recommend meals based on the contents of the fridge. Storage solutions that sanitize shoes and clothes. The list goes on and on and makes you wonder…

What are we going to do when surrounded by all these intelligent devices? What’s life like in a smart everything word? Is it more #human? Food for thought for all innovators, communicators and consumers. 

POSTED BY: Thekla Eftychiadou

Thekla Eftychiadou