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Breaking News – Insider Tips on How to Make the Headlines with Media & Influencers at Natural Products Expo West

February 21, 2024


Natural Products Expo West brings together thousands of the most prominent emerging and established food, beverage, beauty, and health and wellness brands from around the globe to showcase their products to an audience of retail buyers. Securing the attention of these decision-makers can solidify your retail presence and amplify your impact on grocery shelves. While your sales team is already actively setting up appointments, it’s important to pull additional marketing levers to break through the noise.

In addition to buyers, a number of trade, business and consumer media will hit the show floor in search of the hottest trends and freshest innovations. Exposure by these media outlets helps buyers make critical purchasing decisions and can drive traffic to your booth.


A key mistake we see is that brands choose to hold onto their news until the big event, rather than tease news to help reporters prep coverage in advance. Just like the prework that your sales team does in advance of the show, it’s critical in the months prior to Expo West that you have a publicity strategy designed to make it seamless for reporters to include your news in their pre- and post- show coverage. As food and beverage PR experts with decades of Expo West experience, below are some tips and tricks to help you garner the attention of key media and boost your show presence.


If you have big news to share, it’s important to prep your press release ahead of time. Media want to hear about new products being showcased, rebrands, initiatives, and events so they can prep for the show accordingly. Plus, it incentivizes them to stop by your booth and check out what you have going on!

Confidential info? No problem.        

If the news is something that needs to be kept under wraps ahead of the show, consider releasing the news under embargo. An embargo enables you to share news in advance with the caveat that publication will be delayed until a pre-determined date – in this case, the day that Expo West kicks off. Prior to sharing your news under embargo, you’ll make the request to the reporter that they honor the embargo, which reporters at the show expect.

So, where do you post your releases for viewing at the show?

Expo West offers a virtual press office for preshow uploading as part of its packages, so it’s critical to make sure materials and images are posted there if you have the option.


Get Their Attention

Attention spans are short, and reporters only have so much bandwidth, so making it easy and compelling is key. Remember, there are more than 3,000 exhibitors and 65,000 attendees at the show so competition is fierce. Below is exactly what attending press want to know in advance so they can plan their schedules ahead of time. You want to make sure you are on their stop-by list or can secure a coveted interview.

  • Brand Description

Include a brief overview of the brand – think a 100-word elevator pitch. Keep it simple and digestible. Here’s a great example:

“Company” is a first-choice water option for all types of active lifestyles with a 9.5+ pH and a unique blend of electrolyte minerals that keep consumers optimally equipped for success. Available exclusively in recyclable and recycled packaging.

  • New Product Launches/News

Brief bullets detailing what you’ll be announcing at the show. Have press releases at the ready with more detailed information. For example:

“Company” will be unveiling a new plant-based alternative to cottage cheese in easy-to-pack single serve, sustainable cartons. The new line will be available in delectable flavors including Zesty Ranch, Tart Cherry and Harvest Peach. The products will retail for $3.99.

  • Available Spokespeople

Names and titles of executives who will be on-site for interviews. Preferably this will be a CEO, marketing leader or brand manager.

  • Image Bank

An easy-to-access link with downloadable high-resolution images that can be easily inserted into stories.

  • Website Link
  • Social Media Profile Links
  • Booth Numbers and Additional Sampling Stations

What’s the best way to share this information?

Sharing this in an email, PowerPoint or PDF is a great delivery method, and sharing press releases in word document form enables an easy transfer of copy.


In addition to media movers and shakers, social media influencers will be scoping out the hottest new products to showcase on their social channels as well as seeking out brand partners for collaboration.

Connect in Advance

It’s critical to connect with this audience ahead of time to boost booth visits. Keep in mind specific programs to present to them in advance and on-site.

Eye Candy

Also create content-worthy product displays and special gifts that will encourage Instagram and TikTok worthy viral sharing moments. Trend seekers will be watching their favorite content creators provide recommendations from the show, and as we know, social media fuels consumer action!

Plan Ahead

Remember, if you wait until the show to develop a media and influencer strategy, you run the risk of missing out on getting the attention of key opinion leaders. With an assertive strategy, you’ll uncover multiple opportunities to drive exposure and boost sales leads.


We’ve spent the last two decades making food, beverage, wellness and consumer lifestyle brands famous through strategic and creative PR strategies designed for maximum impact across trade, business and consumer media. We’ll help you navigate Expo West and beyond to achieve your business and brand objectives – online, in print and on shelf at top retailers across the nation.

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