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B2B Decision Makers: Understanding Personal and Professional Behaviors

January 8, 2020

One of the benefits of partnering with Global Web Index (GWI) to conduct the 2019 B2B INfluence survey is the additional layers of data that can be added to what we learned about individuals involved in B2B purchase decisions. Given how blended the lines between professional and personal have become, and even more so for the younger generations rising in the leadership ranks, understanding both personal and professional behaviors is essential to developing an effective marketing strategy. With 50% of the U.S. workforce in jobs which allow partial telework, gaining insight into how people behave outside the traditional office setting is key to reaching and engaging them. 

As the world’s largest survey on the digital consumer, GWI delivers consumer insights across a range of categories, including lifestyle, brand preference, and personal interests. As we explored in the blog Understanding the Experience Disruptor, an important way to build market differentiation and customer loyalty is by creating a better customer journey through personalization. This can’t be done without deep insight into your target audience and what they do and care about as individuals, not just business people.

To this end, we thought it would be fun to take a look into how the B2B buyer behaves outside the corporate purchase process. The findings have clear implications for marketing strategy – what channels to prioritize, best advertising formats and outlets, and how to leverage current clients to attract new clients. 

  • 66% of B2B decision makers go on a business trip every 2-3 months; that jumps to 82% for CEO’s specifically
  • 39% of B2B decision makers view BBC News as trustworthy and accurate
  • B2B decision makers are most likely to rely on their mobile devices to access the Internet
  • B2B decision makers are more likely to leave feedback or reviews on a brand’s website than other adults

While it may be easy to dismiss the insight that “B2B decision makers are more likely to say they would pay more for eco-friendly or sustainable products” as superficial, it could also be used to inform how your brand or company positively presents itself to potential buyers – whether that’s highlighting the company’s environmental stewardship program, or using recycled paper products at your next conference. 


Finn Partners partnered with GWI to conduct a global study to gain a greater understanding of B2B purchasing decisions – who is involved, the purchase journey, the key attributes and sources of information that influence decisions, and the confidence with the chosen provider. 

Organizations looking to learn how this report applies specifically to their sales efforts can download the report below.

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