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Are You Ready For GA4?

June 20, 2023

Because Life Was Too Simple Without Another Analytics Overhaul

July 1st is nearly here, and Google is ready to drop a bombshell by phasing out Universal Analytics (UA) in favor of the shiny new Google Analytics 4 (GA4). 

Perhaps you remember the anticipation of Y2K, and the chaotic scramble to prepare for the consequences of the internet crashing when the clock struck twelve. While, fortunately, the internet and all its data was intact when 2000 did arrive, the same cannot be said for your data when GA4 is forced upon you on July 1st. 

If you cherish your precious data and insights, you need to make the switch to GA4 now. Otherwise, Google will do it for you, but beware: the default settings might leave you looking at your data as if you’ve seen it for the first time. You need this extra time to not only make the switch but to adjust to the new metrics. So long, bounce rate. Hello, engagement rate.

Google’s forced transition is a golden opportunity to reflect on your data approach and optimize for long-term success, whether it’s with the help of an agency partner or through the brains of your internal team, this is your opportunity to turn lemons into a delightful cocktail with a splash of tequila.

Not enough people understand the consequences, or else they are putting off until tomorrow what they could easily accomplish today. According to Forbes data from 2023, there are 1.13 billion websites across the world– only 200,121,724 are used and maintained. Of those 200 million websites, Built With has reported that as of March only 10 million of those have switched to GA4.

As we approach this imminent deadline, the array of questions about GA4 versus UA keep coming in. Clients are asking, “What’s an event?” or “Why are my page views down?” These questions are important, no doubt, but remember, data alone won’t save the day. We need context, understanding, and a pinch of humor to make it all worthwhile.

Data: Because Pouring It on Everything Always Leads to Magical Results… Or Not

Data possesses the power to transform, but only if we use it properly. Data analytics is all the rage, and the marketing technology landscape is getting more complex by the minute. It’s likely why only 54% of marketing decisions are actually influenced by data as reported by Gartner. We’re in a crisis of disconnection and it’s time to work smarter, not harder

So, why not seize this opportunity and take the leap to GA4? Bid adieu to the antiquated tools and embrace a new era of relevance and impact. GA4 takes what UA offers and cranks it up to eleven. It’s like UA working overtime, minus the burnout.

GA4: Because Who Needs Data-Driven Decisions When You Can Just Wing It?

GA4 is a game-changer. It prepares you for a cookieless future, tracks both web and app data, predicts consumer behavior with the help of AI, and provides insights into how consumers interact with your website properties. It’s like having a clairvoyant orb that reveals what your audience seeks. (Stop drooling!) 

But here’s the ultimate truth: success in data-driven marketing isn’t just about data. It’s about people. When you truly understand your audience, you can give them exactly what they want. And when your team is armed with tools, like GA4, they can navigate through a vast sea of insights with ease. 

Final Thoughts

So, let’s take a moment to breathe, embrace this GA4 change, and remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Let’s be thoughtful, and strategic, and not toss tools around like confetti.

Making the switch is easy. And, It’s one small step toward future-proofing your data. An early transition will help teams protect their data with sufficient time to create a new measurement strategy, prepare for what lies ahead, and familiarize your team with all the platform offers.  

In fact some clients who switched to GA4 last year still have questions about how to optimize their strategy to be effective.

We all want to be thriving rather than surviving. Embrace the change, and do it before July 1st.

POSTED BY: Neby Ejigu

Neby Ejigu