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A closer look at Sabre Finalist, American Textile Company’s Tranquility

May 4, 2021

What was the challenge?

Lack of sleep is killing us. The majority of adults get insufficient sleep. Sleeplessness costs the U.S. billions of dollars annually, and cultural norms glorify sleep depriving behaviors. Our challenge was to tell America about an affordable tool for improved sleep health – Tranquility weighted blankets – without a glitzy advertising campaign or branded ecommerce.

What was our solution?

We helped make Tranquility America’s No.1 weighted blanket brand by understanding the sleep-health universe, shaping the blanket category, creating Tranquility believers through product testing and reviews, and driving message reach and frequency. We capped the program with a strategic gifting campaign that delivered holiday relevance in a tumultuous year.

Why was the work important?

The work was important because it delivered affordable, accessible sleep support – and stress relief – to millions of Americans when anxiety and sleeplessness were at an all-time high. We found creative and meaningful ways to connect with media and consumers and build a brand delivering real benefits during the pandemic.

Any interesting facts or behind the scenes moments?

Tranquility is now America’s No. 1 weighted blanket brand and a TODAY Show hottest product of 2020.

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