Introducing NYC to a dating app for people who actually want to go out.

People are jaded by dating apps — too much time messaging, not enough time dating. Enter the founders “Roll,” a dating app that leaves no room for dilly-dallying. Just choose where you want to go (i.e. restaurant, bar, coffee shop), and match with others who want to go there too. Cool idea, right? Yes…and no. Focus groups showed people loved the idea, but not the name or the design. 

That’s where FINN Partners came in — with a complete rebrand and grass-roots launch campaign in West Village.


Develop a unique brand that stands out in a crowded market and acquires users.

Branding Transformation

The Work

Rebranding | UX/UI App Redesign | Launch Campaign

We used the iconic NYC grid as inspiration for both the new brand name and design and drew on the city’s vibrant nightlife to guide our color palette and tone. 

Due to a very limited production budget, we got creatively scrappy with the launch campaign. In addition to organic social media posts, we hung wheat posters under the cover of night, posted flyers in local coffee shops, and dropped branded coasters at participating bars. We also offered warm blankets to singles waiting outside in the cold to get into bars, using the opportunity to talk up the app. We turned the stunt into a TikTok to further promote it.

Grid Brand Colors and Guide
Grid App In Phone
Grid On THe Street
Grid collage
Grid coasters
Back of Grid Blanket
Grid Blanket Front