How could a brand matter more?

Today, plenty of places exist for news, knowledge, and entertainment. In fact, too many. But what if there were a go-to destination people could always trust to find all these things, curated based on what’s important to them? For 70 years, GBH, a Boston public media station, has provided public access to quality content with diverse offerings spanning journalism (more than just NPR), entertainment, children’s programming, science, art and culture, and more. Yet not enough people know the breadth of high-quality content the brand offers across a wide variety of platforms to watch, listen, and read.

With a fresh new campaign, we highlighted GBH as the brand that embraces “what matters to you.” It featured simple, approachable headlines and a visual style that showed GBH programming through the lens of our viewers. And we got in front of a new, expansive audience thanks to a comprehensive media plan. All told, we demonstrated that what also matters is the GBH brand itself.


Increase GBH news listenership.


Consumer – Entertainment

GBH advertisement


new sessions in the first month


above-benchmark video view rate


GBH news monthly listener increase 

The Work

Out of Home: We covered the city of Boston with OOH placements in bus shelters, busses, and subway stations. And we even created an interactive bus shelter in one of Boston’s busiest back bay areas (Copley Square) where people could not only get “plugged into” all the great GBH content that matters but where they could plug in and charge their phones.

Video: We utilized programmatic video and created a provocative video highlighting GBH’s most memorable shows to target specific audience segments.

TikTok: We reached a new audience with a TikTok campaign that stirred nostalgia for a younger audience and programs they grew up on.

Digital: Using the efficiency and targeting capabilities of Facebook and Programmatic, we reached our audience with targeted messaging based on GBH content that is relevant to them.

Landing Page: To further promote GBH’s rich content, we created a curated landing page where the audience could go to content that specifically “matters” to them.

GBH bus stop advertisement
GBH billboard advertisement
GBH tuned in Billboard Advertisement