Trusted Canadian brand grabs U.S. attention by uncovering dissatisfaction with incumbents.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, K12 schools and districts across the globe found themselves at a crossroads, forcing them to ditch conventional approaches and embrace the transformative realm of remote learning.

We partnered with Edsby—an innovative Canadian K12 learning management system (LMS)—to increase brand recognition in the U.S. education market at a crucial time. Through a “Grade Your LMS” poll, FINN Partners uncovered the lack of trustworthy LMS providers in schools nationwide, and positioned Edsby as an essential replacement.


Increase awareness and lead generation for Edsby’s learning management system in the U.S. education market.




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The Work

The COVID-19 pandemic uncovered inadequacies across much of the U.S. school system. To help Edsby highlight the underperformance of their LMS competitors, we invited K12 educators to rate satisfaction with their school system’s current LMS provider. Results shed light on dissatisfaction with incumbent LMS providers while qualifying certain respondents as appropriate leads for Edsby.

With a focus on breaking into the the U.S. education market, FINN Partners leveraged the proprietary “Grade Your LMS” report to secure media coverage in K-12 Dive and District Administration, and a feature story in T.H.E. Journal, informing industry stakeholders about Edsby’s robust and trusted LMS solution.

By spotlighting Edsby’s seamless capabilities in classroom management, collaboration, and parental involvement, the campaign substantially increased product awareness and generated 47 new marketing-qualified leads.