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Elevating the profile of engineering leaders.

The College of Engineering at CMU is truly one of the world’s most prestigious institutions of engineering innovation, invention, and education. Since 2015, FINN Partners and CMU have shared a singular goal: Make sure the renowned faculty’s work and perspectives reach partners, funders, policymakers, the global science community, and most importantly, alumni and prospective students.

To reach such a wide range of audiences, FINN sought placements in top-tier and trade media — to raise awareness, heighten perceptions, and amplify CMU faculty’s voices and ideas.


Raise national awareness of Carnegie Mellon’s College of Engineering and its Advanced Collaboration approach to solving the world’s greatest problems.



The Work

Within the fast-moving, jam-packed landscape of science media, we worked with our College of Engineering counterparts to create and share a continuous stream of content focused on new research, opinions on policy news trends , and the myriad facets of STEM education and career paths.

The content covered a broad array of areas, such as biomedical engineering, infrastructure, environment and energy, cybersecurity, AVs/EVs, 5G, smart cities, additive manufacturing, robotics, and AI/ML.

We pursued placements in an elite, strategically chosen group of outlets, and hit them multiple times, resulting in nearly 400 top-tier placements: The New York Times, Bloomberg, POLITICO, Axios, The Wall Street Journal, PBS Sci Tech Now, Cheddar TV, Fortune, Ars Technica, E&E News, NPR, Tech Republic, ISMG, Cyberwire, and many, many others.