OUR WORK Arizona State University

Creating a cohesive organizational identity that captivates and resonates.

ASU’s Global Futures Laboratory presented FINN with the complex task of establishing their organizational identity, encompassing a diverse range of complex and multifaceted aspects. This required a strategic approach to branding and a deep understanding of ASU’s operations and strategic objectives. The ultimate goal was to create a comprehensive and cohesive branding solution that would effortlessly communicate the essence of the organization’s vast array of research domains to a broad audience.


Develop a comprehensive and cohesive branding solution for ASU’s Global Futures Laboratory that effectively communicates the multifaceted nature of the organization and its research domains to a broad audience.



The Work

FINN conducted extensive research and engaged in in-depth consultations with key stakeholders within ASU’s Global Futures Laboratory. This involved collaborating closely with GFL leadership, researchers, and experts to gain a holistic understanding of the organization’s vision, mission, core values, and strategic priorities. This collaborative approach ensured that the branding efforts aligned with GFL’s overarching objectives and accurately reflected its multifaceted nature.

Based on the insights gained from the research and consultations, FINN developed a strategic branding framework for GFL. This framework served as a roadmap to guide the creation of a cohesive organizational identity that encapsulated the diverse research domains within GFL. The framework outlined key messaging pillars, brand positioning, and visual elements that would resonate with the target audience and effectively convey the breadth and depth of GFL’s research endeavors.

Next, FINN embarked on the creative process, bringing the branding framework to life. This involved designing a distinctive visual identity that captured the essence of GFL and its various research domains. The visual identity was developed with the aim of being flexible enough to encompass the broad spectrum of GFL’s research domains while maintaining a cohesive and recognizable brand presence.