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Tips of the Trade

Up-and-coming PR professionals often ask me, “How’d you get started in the business?” And the next question is inevitably, “What are some tips of the trade you wish someone had told you before you jumped into the field?”

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The Uberfication of Life

Shared economy, convenience-based tech is an exploding market. New apps and services come out daily, grabbing our attention with the promise of instant gratification. Are we getting lazy or using our time more efficiently?

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Heart Health, Messaging and the 3 Percent

I’m not a health zealot, but a new study of adult Americans just reported in the New York Times was pretty shocking. Less than 3 percent of us are living healthy lifestyles in accordance with all four pillars for heart health: healthful diet, not smoking, being physically active and keeping weight and body fat down.

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Looking Back – Looking Forward Health IT and HIMSS16

The largest assembly of health/tech game-changers attended HIMSS16. In a nation seeking to navigate internal conflict within the medical system – cutting operating costs while improving care – IT innovation could be considered one of the key resources toward resolving that dilemma. It all comes down to improving operating efficiency – patient flow, patient information, patient engagement and patient-care cost.


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