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Is Anyone Out There Listening?

Watching the presidential debates and witnessing the ensuing personal debates happening in person and on Facebook between friends and family, has me frustrated. The major reason? It seems like no one really takes the time to listen to each other. We should take a minute and re-evaluate the importance of listening.


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In Memory of Ron Rogers

Ron Rogers, a key member of our LA team, has passed away after a long illness. There’s so many great things I could say about Ron, but the most important thing to know is that he was a wonderful, genuine and caring person. I will miss him very much.


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How Fragmented Health System Places Greater Burden on Patients

Marketing executives working with the pharma, payer or provider sectors are often quoted that in today’s health marketplace, “The consumer is king.” If so, it’s a kingship with little authority and no ability to govern or have a dominant voice over decisions. Royalty – even without the right to rule – receive deferential regard from governing powers. This is not the case for U.S. consumers who remain adrift within the health system. Who is in charge of our health?

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Keeping Your Heart Healthy at Work

February is American Heart Month -- and no, it's not because of the heart-shaped Valentine's Day candy that's been on store shelves since New Year's Day. American Heart Month is about making strides in promoting heart health. 


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The “Uber of” is over… Don’t Be Like Uber… Be Like You

If you were on any form of social media over this weekend, you probably noticed that people were generating and sharing passive aggressive memes and sharing them with their followers. These memes were generated based off of the viral Be like Bill meme that show how Bill is a far superior internet user than everyone else. i.e. “Bill doesn't use hashtags on every post. Bill is smart. Be like Bill.”


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